An Integrative & Functional Nutrition Approach

Know this – the single most influential characteristic defining this medical philosophy is that our genes do not control our health outcomes.

It’s a huge mistake to give up on your health because you think your genes stink! The real truth is, every decision you make about how to live your life, such as the food you eat or how you handle stress, has more of an impact on your health than your genetics.

Our genes load the gun for disease, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger. You can work with your genetics to positively influence your health by starting with diet and lifestyle modifications.

Every meal we eat becomes an opportunity to eat for health.

In order to thrive, all of our systems must be in balance. If one system is off, all systems take a hit, because your body is one, whole interconnected unit. Imbalances manifest in our skin, mood, gut, hormones, weight and other metabolic conditions.

“The farther we get from nature, the closer we get to disease.”

Luckily, there are several ways to restore balance and affect change. Using food as medicine is at the core of every successful functional medicine program.


Because no two bodies or lifestyles are the same, every nutrition program will be unique. It is an honor learning about your life, your medical story and what makes you an individual. As we collaborate together, I will lead you with compassion, warmth, focus and strength.


Why Integrative & Functional Medicine?

  • Acknowledges biochemical individuality in each of us based on genetic and environmental inputs
  • Is a patient-centered rather than disease-centered approach to treatment
  • Seeks a mind-body-spirit balanced dynamic
  • Acknowledges the interconnectedness of all systems in the body
  • Identifies health as observable vitality, not just the absence of disease
  • Promotes organ reserve as a means of enhancing health-span, not merely life-span of each patient
  • Leads with lifestyle medicine, using a food as medicine model, before turning to prescriptive medications to reverse disease
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