About Lizzy

I know the value of compassionate care, designed just for my body’s unique needs. I’ve been in your shoes before! Here is my story.


My Story

It was not long ago that I too, was looking for the right support from a professional that I could trust understood the complexity of my female health. After years of receiving feedback that my fertility would be a nightmare to contend with, I became increasingly concerned that I was a medical mystery, doomed for infertility and faulty hormones for life. After all, my own mother struggled for years with her fertility and reproductive health, so I probably was handed that same unfortunate genetic doom as well, right?


In my personal journey using functional medicine to heal my own hormonal issues (I’ve had it all from fatigue and skin issues to blood sugar imbalances and irregular cycles) I learned firsthand how all our systems (hormones, cardiovascular, nervous system etc.) impact one another by going through the functional medicine matrix myself. The lab work, specialized testing and dietary assessment was inspiring, not to mention incredibly informative.

Working with my functional and integrative practitioners was like playing detective in my body and for once, after years of not having specific answers to what was happening within my body, I started to see the bigger picture of how imbalances in my body were all elegantly interconnected.

Fast forward a year later, my first daughter was conceived effortlessly to my surprise after committing to self-care using food as medicine. I was humbled by the power of something as basic as food.   The wisdom of our bodies is that we will naturally flourish when we provide the space for healing and thriving to occur.   Whether that be cleaning up the diet, optimizing digestive health or improving stress and coping mechanisms, we must be brave enough to put our health before anything else in our busy lives.

photo-lizzy-girlsI knew that if someone like me, who had endured a lifelong label of “probable infertility,” could conceive in such a beautifully effortless way, I had to use my story to help others.

My experience with this medical paradigm gave me two precious daughters whose lives I’m grateful for every single day. Their mere presence is a daily reminder of why I want to work with you and help you understand your own female health.

Now, I’d like to help YOU make the best nutrition and lifestyle choices so you too can feel great and accomplish your dreams being a healthy and vital woman!