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Our bodies are designed to function as a whole, integrated system.

But in this culture that’s a tall order to achieve for most of us.  As much as we’d like to live in a health bubble, it’s kind of hard to.  Especially if you have kids or are planning on having kids.  It’s quite the challenge to avoid the constant exposure to toxins in our food, water and air, as well as mental toxicity from stress at work, at home or even the stress from worrying or ruminating.  Then, add on bad sleep, poor exercise habits and lack of social support and you have the perfect storm for nasty health issues to arise.  What I love about personalized medicine is that it takes that full life dynamic into account in understanding why we aren’t experiencing the kind of vital health we need in order to thrive in our lives.

Working with a practitioner like me allows you to make deliberate nutrition and lifestyle choices each day to reverse trends in your health that are preventing you from achieving your goals, whether your focus be on fertility or your wellness with a newborn.  My favorite part of this medical approach regarding the practitioner-client relationship is that it allows for both personalization and compassion.

Because no two bodies or lifestyles are the same, every nutrition  plan will be unique.  I love the honor of learning about your life, your medical story and what makes you an individual.  As we collaborate together, I will lead you with compassion, and warmth, focus and strength.

Know this: the single most influential characteristic defining this medical philosophy is this: Our genes do not control our health outcomes. 

Think of it this way, just because dad had heart disease and mom had fertility troubles, does not mean you are destined to as well…How you live your life – your patterns of diet, stress management, lifestyle choices and exposure to environmental toxins, actually tell your genes how to function.  Every decision you make about how to live your life literally sends messages of health or disease to every cell in your body   Essentially, every meal is an opportunity to eat for wellness!

Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine:

  • Seeks the underlying cause of disease and addresses that cause, not the symptoms.
  • Acknowledges imbalances within the body as being on a continuum of disease progression, opposed to a disease you either have or don’t have.
  • Focuses on a patient-centered approach, acknowledging the genetic, environmental and lifestyle triggers at the root of health issues.
  • Personalizes medicine to the individual using customized diet and lifestyle interventions for your personal healing needs.
  • Leads with a food first approach emphasizing appropriate dietary protocols and nutrition supplementation as necessary to create a tailored approach to balanced health.
  • Empowers patients by working collaboratively as a team to create health and allows for both diet and medication to be part of a collaborative healing path.

“The farther we get from nature, the closer we get to disease.”

Luckily, there are several ways to and affect change. We use a food as medicine foundation as a core component to all healing and prevention. Using food as medicine is at the core of every successful functional medicine program.


Because no two bodies or lifestyles are the same, every nutrition program will be unique. It is an honor learning about your life, your medical story and what makes you an individual. As we collaborate together, I will lead you with compassion, warmth, focus and strength.


Why Integrative Nutrition?

  • Acknowledges biochemical individuality in each of us based on genetic and environmental inputs
  • Is a patient-centered rather than disease-centered approach to nutrition
  • Seeks a mind-body-spirit balanced dynamic
  • Acknowledges the interconnectedness of all systems in the body
  • Identifies health as observable vitality, not just the absence of disease
  • Leads with lifestyle and nutrition as the foundations of health and layer in allopathic medicine as a partner in collaborative care
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