Welcome! Food is power.
But you know that, right? That’s why you’re here!

Welcome! Food is powerful medicine. But you know that, right? That’s why you’re here!

You want to understand, why?

What’s the root cause of your female health issues? Can food and simple, lifestyle modifications help you heal your body and hormones without invasive treatments or prescription drugs?

Learn more about my integrative and personalized nutrition approach.

But knowing where to start is hard.

Making changes to your diet is overwhelming – there are so many options and the Internet can be one confusing place. We can transform your frustration and discouragement into hope and relief.

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You need a personalized plan.

One-size-fits all approaches don’t work. Together we’ll craft a personalized nutrition action plan to suit the needs of your individual body.

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Lizzy Swick Nutrition: Lizzy Swick

Hi, I’m Lizzy.

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist, (RDN) with a passion for integrative and evidenced-based nutrition.  I believe food can be one of the most powerful tools in the healing process when used properly. Together, we have the opportunity to help you eat your way to better health.

Nutrition Counseling Packages

Your health is waiting for you.

Pre-Conception & Fertility

Are you ready to grow your family? Optimizing mama’s nutrition status before conception is a critical step for a positive outcome for both you and baby.

  • What are the key nutrients essential for fertility and are you getting enough?
  • Discover the connection between your stressors in your life and your ability to conceive.
  • Achieve the proper body fat percentage for optimal fertility status

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Pregnancy Nutrition

Are you dreaming of a vibrant pregnancy with boundless, radiant energy? Let’s get you on a real foods meal plan now, regardless which trimester you are in or whether you are high or low risk.

  • Get clear on solutions for your constipation, nausea, fatigue, heartburn or even acne.
  • Manage your gestational diabetes. It’s easier, (and tastier) than you think!
  • Correct iron levels and improve energy.
  • Learn what herbs, spices and foods you can eat during pregnancy to help you enjoy a healthier postpartum.

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Postpartum Nutrition

Now, more than ever before, your nutrition needs as a new mama are paramount for proper recovery from pregnancy, and childbirth. Fluctuating hormones, a vulnerable immune system, and the physical demands of caring for your newborn make this one of the most important times to thoughtfully nourish your body.

  • Support postpartum depression and anxiety with essential fatty acid and micronutrient–rich meals
  • Calm postpartum autoimmune conditions such as thyroiditis
  • Replenish nutrient stores to overcome hormone and gut imbalances causing acne, eczema, migraines, cravings, energy, mood or sleep imbalances.

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A Healthy Weight At Any Age

Spoiler alert! Achieving a healthy weight is one of the key steps to fertility, a healthy pregnancy and maintaining a low inflammatory “4th trimester” postpartum.  Surprisingly, many women I speak to struggle to conceive not because they have too much body fat, but not enough. And sometimes, your weight has nothing to do with your fertility. Let that sink in. Yet, as we age it becomes increasingly challenging for women to manage our weight due to hormones. Receive a personalized weight management plan and nutrition coaching for

  • Fertility
  • Postpartum
  • Menopause

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