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Personalized Lab Testing

Functional Testing

While symptoms among a group of people may be similar, the reasons behind those symptoms can be quite different from individual to individual. That is why a patient-centered approach to understanding the root cause of your health issue(s) is the hallmark of functional and integrative medicine. In addition to traditional lab testing, functional testing provides important information to help us uncover the specific imbalances in your body that are unique to you. Below are some of the labs I may suggest we use to provide you targeted care.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Gluten Sensitivity and Intestinal Permeability

Cyrex Labs offers specialty labs for gluten sensitivity and gluten cross-reactivity as well as a panel for autoimmunity.

Micronutrient Testing

True nutrition is having the right amount of nutrients inside your cells so they can function properly. Many people take vitamins or eat a healthy diet but may not be absorbing or utilizing nutrients for several reasons. In order to get an accurate assessment of what your nutrient status is like inside your cells (opposed to what is in your serum) we can use Spectracell testing.

Hormone Testing

Hormones are challenging to measure using traditional labs because they fluctuate minute to minute. To get a comprehensive evaluation of your hormones and really see what their rhythms are, I use the DUTCH test by Precision Analytical.

Stool Testing

You can eat the best diet and take all the top notch supplements you can find but if you aren’t absorbing, metabolizing or utilizing the nutrients than it leaves you vulnerable to illness and imbalance. Functional stool testing allows us to verify how well your digestion is working, or if you have a bacterial or fungal infection interfering with your ability to use your food properly. I use Genova Diagnostics.

Organic Acids and Amino Acids Testing

Testing organic and amino acids allows us to dig a little deeper into issues regarding energy, digestive health, mental and emotional wellness as well as overall oxidation and inflammation. I use Genova Diagnostics.

Genetic Testing

Variants in genes directly impact nutrition status and overall health and wellness. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are mutations in genes that have been linked to infertility, miscarriage, genetic defects, depression, and blood sugar imbalances just to name a few. We can use your results to understand what you’re predisposed to in order to tailor the most individualized nutrition plan possible. I use Genova Diagnostics or Spectracell.

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